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The same task and effort as with the visually impaired and the blind men had to be mastered in relation to the sick. In the prehistoric community, they too probably had the natural right to get to know the huge stone heaps, which did not serve as a military obstacle, but for once, in an orderly fashion, served a different purpose.

What color were the diseases in ancient Carnac? @ Georges Scherrer

It is not possible to mention here in what way the infirm, the handicapped, the weakened, the crippled were brought into the surroundings of the impressive stone fleece: In the family circle, in a procession, secretly. It is also not possible to read from the unspoiled surface of the menhirs, which diseases were prevalent at that time: Depression, cholera, rhinitis?

Blue or Green? @ Georges Scherrer

The artificially placed and pulled rock formations offered numerous opportunities to mark out measurable fields for a wide variety of purposes. They need not even have been geometric structures that served any kind of training. Arithmetically, the Stone Age aborigine probably hardly thought.

The menhirs offer highly interesting possibilities for games.

But what he was able to pinpoint with the help of the angular, powerful eye-catcher-stones were clearly defined terrain areas for more serious or less serious pastime. The menhirs offer highly interesting possibilities for playing various kinds of games.

Life: A playful approach @ Georges Scherrer

For instance, a relay race, a ball game, hide-and-seek. Children can be very inventive, when they want to have fun and create a joke that they should be able to deal with extensively and can come to terms with for days. In their amusement they use feet, arms and the whole body to their delight.

Staked out field for sport @ Georges Scherrer

The menhirs were quite suitable when it came to creating measuring units for spear throwing, throwing stones or for bows and arrows. All this is said to have existed at that time, as cave paintings show. The fast speed could also be measured with the stones. Games and sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do in the fields of Carnac.

Not a topic in the Neolithic: technically skilled – cross country skiing @ Georges Scherrer

The stately rock garden, encompassing many homogeneous structures, reveals a rich palette of unexpected possibilities on closer inspection, to create the most diverse forms and variants of order. Which of the numerous varieties of arrangement, which structure will the masterminds of the Carnac array have given priority in their day?

What kind of notion founded the Alignments is known only to the spirits, who laid the stones spanning epochs on the ground.

What kind of notion tipped the scales and founded the Alignments is known only to the spirits, who laid the stones spanning epochs on the ground, that still attracts so many curious people today?

Above all, the Alignments also represented an unmistakable sign of social strength. An immense number of overweight and less severe menhirs were erected. This is a huge physical achievement by the unnamed hordes that inhabited the nearby seashore and the surrounding inland areas around the gentle Bay of Quiberon.

Staked out habitat in Carnac @ Georges Scherrer

The bombastic crowd of different menhirs is a testimony to the impressive amount of human power in those distant primeval times. The gigantic work shows yet another thing as well.

Carnac was not done by coincidence, like dropped from heaven. There is a lot of thorough planning behind it. The clans, the folk groups, the alliances of communities had to organize themselves according to a certain system that allowed them, despite the usual everyday worries and the most urgent survival problems, to coordinate their efforts in such a way that enough forces could be released to cope with this enormous work.

This brave enterprise will have tremendously stimulated the barely awakened inspiration that had just begun in those primitive beach and forest creatures. Presumably this was not only the case when it was question to organize a system in order to create the necessary free spaces for the careful management of the tasks at hand. It also was certainly the case afterwards, when the bold creators, stonemasons, rope makers, basket weavers, foresters and woodcutters with alert intellects faced the result, which is still amazing today. It should not be an understatement to see in Carnac’s congruent ranks the idealized image of a consistent schooling of purposeful logic, that allowed a new, unspent order to be created.

Did this seemingly bourgeois precision grow as the building of the stone rows progressed?

Carnac would never have come into being without a courageous and resolutely implemented and enforced set of rules. The almost meticulous precision of the intellectual work of those wise masterminds of our culture, who in their strictly aligned rows of stones left us an overly clear, powerful trace of their impetuous departure, impresses and always amazes us, their late descendants, with reverence. Did this seemingly bourgeois precision grow and develop in the considerations of those original inhabitants who owned, cultivated, possibly still conquered and cleared the raw land, as the building of the stone rows progressed?

Start of planning @ Georges Scherrer

Or was the planning work, which was based on orderly lines of thought, already in place before the construction of the multidimensional plant began? Were the correctly drawn stone rows thus the tangible consequence and the concrete image of a conscientious and persistent training of deductive thinking? Had the prehistoric man who drew the lines in Carnac, before he started the physical work, first created order in his thoughts?

Planning on the go @ Georges Scherrer

For the manual construction of the powerful Alignments, an incredibly compact organization proved to be indispensable. The society of the time had to be formed and prepared in such a way that the desired enterprise could be brought to a happy conclusion. The individual follows his instinct. The community has to come to an agreement.

Planning completed @ Georges Scherrer

To collect and set up the stones was one thing; another was to move the possibly somewhat reluctant, skeptical individual members of those native tribes to the point, that they did not, like hunters, gatherers or fishermen, trustingly follow their sure instincts and nose for once, but came together to a great social deal, which went far beyond the cunning or even raw hunting of tall mammoths and tree-strong bears for the indispensable procurement of food.

Today one can hardly imagine what it meant for the primitive people of that time to break free from the magic thing.

The proud Alignments are comparable to the construction of a new city form, which breaks with the familiar order of the enclosing circle: no ring wall, no encirclement of animals, but opening. Today one can hardly imagine what it meant for the primitive people of that time to break free from the ring, the magic thing. If originally a menhir was possibly understood as the stone symbol of a single being, which was refined and ennobled in this rudimentary artistic way, its outstanding appreciation melted away considerably by adding further ones to this single selected cult object.

The monolith – a colossal message that no one understands @ Georges Scherrer

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