The realization

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This historical, yet rather secretive landscape reveals a strange interplay of threat and liberation, light and shadow, which is certainly perceived with alienation by sensitive spiritual aesthetes. Art connoisseurs draw parallels to masters who in the last few centuries, as seen from our time, incorporated such light effects into their paintings. Astonishing perspectives and enchanting plays of light do not turn out to be a discovery that was only made in the recent centuries.

First glimmers of the day @ Georges Scherrer

Even the simple observation of the stone rows, the careful mental approach to the gigantic fields, the thoughtful deciphering of hidden connections lead to a multitude of astounding insights, which even then meant a strongly challenge to put into words.

This fleeting thought process is briefly called inspiration.

New words had to be found that were clearer than the previously used expressions, that described what attentive observers felt, discovered, looked at and thought up fresh, perhaps crazy ideas; words that captured better the surprising inspirations of the first, astonished onlookers; words, which sprouted like flashes of inspiration and were caught at the last moment, before the brand-new knowledge dissipated into the unknown zones of consciousness and dissolve there in the all-erasing oblivion. This fleeting thought process is briefly called inspiration. If the idea is not captured at the moment, she is lost forever.

It will probably not have remained with the oohs and aahs of spontaneous admiration after the first sight of the enormous, well-ordered stone accumulation.

In approach: characters @ Georges Scherrer

It can be assumed that the builders of the stone monument in the Post-Holocene era, when they started their ambitious work, did not have the filigree vocabulary to describe what they saw, perceived, felt and discovered or suspected at new spiritual points of contact, after the extraordinary enterprise was completed. They had to work out a new terminology, to describe their feeling und thinking.

Like a celestial sign: Appearance of the Scripture @ Georges Scherrer

The first words created at that time may well have served to describe the different forms of organization that were distilled out of the complex picture of the different rows of stones through attentive observation. This stone-age masterpiece creates not only straight-line arrangements but also a number of cross-connections. Complicated forms, less complicated frames had to be named.

Tangle of lines in the sea of rails @ Georges Scherrer

The arrangements made from boulders stand a little way from the sea. It is possible that they were closer to the Atlantic Ocean at the time they were built. Nevertheless, it should be noted here that the menhirs, as structured elements, in a certain way take up the impressive expanse of the sea on the immense plain of a nasty land area. The menhir rows break up the seemingly endless wideness of the sea.

… which simply flowed away as an indecent wet between the powerless fingers.

The gigantic stone arrangements seem as if the daring country dwellers had tried, in a random intention, to confront the gigantic sea on the naked earth with an equivalent, powerful image, in order to get hold of the great water, which simply flowed away as an indecent wet between the powerless fingers when one tried to grab it. Bild Hand greift ins Wasser und tropft

Unstoppable water @ Georges Scherrer

Many confused interpretations of what these mysterious series might have meant can be used as a necessary explanation to help the wildly sprouting rumors about this captivating place that fascinates in the time-giving holiday season so many interested idlers, gentle seekers and meticulous researchers. The authority to interpret is up to all imaginative lovers of beautiful stories, who do not want reliable answers. Uninterpreted, many other travelers prefer to enjoy the silent presence on site.

Archaic barrier @ Georges Scherrer

The avenues were not suitable for defense purposes.

You make ask, whether a certain measure of length, a golden ratio, was used in Carnac to place the stones at the right, eye-catching distance from each other, not too far apart, not too close together? This question is certainly the subject of research.

Clouded vision @ Georges Scherrer

After the impressive rows were completed, the residents, members of possibly different clans, will certainly have used the area, which still is decorated with monumental statues. Socio-political and charitable correct thought, such a multi-lane, prehistoric boulevard had first to be brought closer to the weakest in the community. Blind people had to be led through the strange scenery, strange from the pretentious point of view of critically sighted people and also from our point of view, we, who are thinking be contemporaries provided with a critical spirit and moreover who are equipped with full eye power, furthermore are adepts of the purifying power of the historical enlightenment and decontaminated from all pagan prejudices, so are free-thinking, factual men, but also strange scenery in the perspective of the people, they, our ancestors, who led their blind relatives through the ranks, so that they could feel the resulting marvel in all of its finest details, insofar as these blind people did not already know the essential, concrete construction very well, because they had thought up in a spirituel effort the ingenious nuances of the construction method used and therefore did not need an explanation. In our eyes, for us contemporaries equipped with clear eyesight, the life of a blind fellow citizen is often as complicated as the long phrase just set. In Carnac, language also had to be established as a useful and reliable compeer.

A sentence without end

Moreover: What a contrast the alignments form to the just presented, confusing point of view of blind people into the world! There a habitat composed of an invisible structure of different sensual perceptions; here the entity of a clearly defined profile. Carnac radiates far beyond its stone statements. The site engages the imagination of the viewer without lack of suppleness.

Future – the heavy pressure of dreams @ Georges Scherrer

The reflections on the situation of blind people form an additional stirrup aid to all that has been said so far into the realm of exegesis, interpretations and tasks of the stone colossi and dwarf statues that populate the plain in the north of the later Frankish Empire.

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