The opening

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The identity-forming centre of an ego that towers above the other members of the tribe dissolved. The point as signe of the center vanished, the line specified the new direction.

The bend at the end of the path gives the direction @ Georges Scherrer

The period, when the memorable lines of Carnac in the first reflections of meaningful masterminds took shape, may be called without timidity a historical moment. In this significant time the mass of the people which until had been centered on a single center point, put the individual dominant clan lord back in the well-ordered ranks of the rest of the tribe.

It remains to be seen whether there was also a political evolution.

To celebrate this memorable event, the newly orientated people dedicated a huge monument by painting a rock-hard picture and showing that there are considerable tasks and extraordinary challenges that only the well-tempered community can solve, such as the brazen construction of the huge Alignements plant. Such a thing is called a sociological development. It remains to be seen whether there was also a political evolution. As well whether the word democracy is allowed to be used.

Humanity’s wardrobe @ Georges Scherrer

For this nameless community of destiny in the far north of continental Europe, this epoch-making step meant a dazzling revolution. Six thousand years ago, the leather-, fabric- and fur-clad earth being learned a lot in Carnac and, with a stately army of massive upright stones, presented such an impressive diversity, that even today constitutes the unbroken fascination of that far-off corner on the edge of Europe.

With this singular achievement, we humanists, consumers, economists, businessmen, land surveyors and agricultural workers of today could compare ourselves and raise us to an equal level, if we succeeded in developing a new system instead of the well-known money, which makes this pecuniary and credit card-based payment method superfluous.

Floating money @ Georges Scherrer

Up to now, no valid replacement for the omnipresent means of payment has been found, no fairer system for the exchange of goods and services than the omnipotent and omnipresent money and the payment variants derived from it, such as cashless payment. If such an epochal, history-changing discovery were to succeed, it could be placed on an equal footing with the exquisite alignations of Carnac.

Such an opening could not be achieved in the past millennia. A world-economically significant, economic Carnac is still outstanding today.

Back then a new order had been found.

Back then, in that primeval wilderness by the immeasurable ocean, a new order had been found. People no longer stood close together as if in a circle, close to demonstrate unity, and did not withdraw into their own four walls made of compacted soil, tamped clay, bundled reeds and skins sewn together. Carnac means, above all, a tremendous opening of one’s mind.

Wild growing reed @ Georges Scherrer

Nor did they stand side by side in close lines, shoulder to shoulder, to give each other supposed protection and necessary courage against an imminent enemy. Rather, the taut lines kept large distances from each other, which generously allowed passage – spiritually for something new. It is not defense that is called for, but curiosity.

The wide distances, the obvious opening make up the unmistakable charm of the historical Carnac. The spectacular stones do not stand close together. The future does not want lumpy dolmens and closed cairns. Thinking wants liberty and air.

Carnac formed an absolute end point of the wanderings of the European mainland.

A very bold thought is still presented here, even if certain mockers will shake their heads at it: If ours really has its genetic roots and therefore its origin hundreds of thousands of years ago in Africa – which is the case – and has advanced via Asia and possibly later also via the Strait of Gibraltar to Europe, then Carnac formed an absolute end point of the until then seemingly endless wanderings at the northwestern tip of the European mainland. Somehow it had to go on – in a straight line.

Schemes over the sea – bridge between people @ Georges Scherrer

Beyond Carnac, which compared to the far north still offers mild climatic conditions, follows today’s French department of Finistère, which is completely at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean and its winter disadvantages. There it does not go further. The area is enclosed on three sides by the seemingly endless sea mass. Towards the west there is nothing left that the less seaworthy land dweller could endure at that time. Only the sun that sets in the Atlantic every day.

Light on the horizon @ Georges Scherrer

Did the tribes of that time counteract this natural demise, which occurred every evening, with their own, new, superior way of thinking of the rising ascension? Certainly, it would be presumptuous to explain that systematic thinking began in the Stone Age Carnac. The thinking began much earlier.

Conquest of tracks @ Georges Scherrer

But Carnac stands for the resolute effort to tackle a grandiose enterprise with a methodical thinking that does not grow from a hollow stomach. All sorts of profound thought work were done with brilliant dedication in those historically forgotten times to pave the way for this new order, to lead a sustainable route into the coming future for this steamroller trampling down all old fashion wisdom.

On the road together @ Georges Scherrer

The crystal-clear stone settings, like a track, show the determined guidance towards a new, abstract order, which does not drive the food-giving sea fish into an insidious fish trap or steer the shy game into the deadly spear barriers of well-organized hunters. Instead, this new order leads the mental labor towards the perky flashing spheres of unlocked, permeable, fresh dimensions of detailed intellectual work.

FairyRide @ Georges Scherrer

Where still the sun sets in the shining pond, as one of the most famous Greek poets sang almost three thousand years ago, on the other side of the Atlantic, a striking reflection of what is on this side of the great sea rises. New York, with its high and then again fewer towering rows of houses, takes up the surprising architecture of this exceptional site on the fabulous Bai in the French department of Morbihan.

Multiple goals @ Georges Scherrer

In this treatise, some of the correlations that characterize this timeless monument on the clear shore boundary of the Atlantic Ocean in northern Europe have been worked out. What other cross-references can be read out of the Alignements? These impressive, linear, precisely graded stone assortments are still a challenging school of conscientious, appropriate thinking for us.

These linear stone assortments are still a challenging school of conscientious thinking for us.

Seen in this light, the epoch-spanning endless rows of imposing menhir departments, which man of yesteryear erected and man in the course of time left standing from the monumentally original, are not a kind of rudimentary university for thinking, but the first, perfect university of thinking par excellence.

Look forward @ Georges Scherrer

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The „Treatise on Order – Carnac“ is an excerpt from the novel „Sch_ach“, which subsequently appears as a PDF document. The name of the work supplies of a word game with the term chess. In German it’s written like: Che_ss. It’s meaning can also be: Shhh_oh.

For readers with stamina: a thousand pages of text! A novel in four parts about order and its ordering power; However, the order, as tight as it sounds, often does not come across as it sounds.

The novel exists only in German language. If you want to translate: do it – for your pleasure, but without remuneration from me. The novel is available as a PDF file on request. The order is placed via the „Contact“ tab above.

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